• DigiShot<sup>®</sup>


    Easy-to-use, reliable electronic initiating system

DigiShot® is an easy-to-use, reliable, electronic initiating system for use primarily in smaller blasting operations that demand accurate timing. It has the ability to blast remotely via RF with market-leading safety features.

System Components

Base Station/Bench Box

Bench Blaster

  • Blaster connected to lead–in harness wire and placed at a safe distance in close proximity to the bench
  • Can be used in standalone mode to fire up to 300 detonators
  • Receives remote firing command from Base Blaster

Base Blaster

  • Placed at point of safety and remotely controls the firing of Bench Blaster
  • Easy-to-follow menus lead the user through all delay and firing options
  • Unit requires password to activate blast

** Bench and Base Blaster are interchangeable

CE4 Tagger

  • Assigns a location to the detonator
  • Tests leakage and troubleshoots the bench before leaving
  • Can test up to 300 detonators
  • Excellent battery management technology and standard USB charging
  • Automatic detonator testing during tagging


DigiShot® Electronic Detonator

  • A fully programmable electronic detonator
  • The copper detonator shell fits into a standard booster
  • Millisecond timing accuracy
  • The connector is small, transparent, rugged and water resistant with finger-friendly grips for ease of use.


Red SmartKey

  • Used for remote blasting from a Base Blaster and in this case must be paired with the yellow SmartKey in use
  • The SmartKey is password protected to reduce the risk of any unauthorised person initiating the blast
  • Used for local blasting directly from a Bench Blaster, and in this case, is the last physical link in the blast circuit
  • Blast can be aborted by removing the SmartKey from Bench or Base Blaster
  • Detonator fire command is stored in the SmartKey and blasting is not possible until the key has been inserted


Yellow SmartKey

  • Used for remote blasting
  • Last physical link in blast circuit on Bench Blaster
  • Blast can be aborted by removing the SmartKey from the Bench Blaster
  • PIN protected
  • Must be paired with a red SmartKey


Features & Benefits

Blaster-Friendly Tagger. The CE4 Tagger is a light-weight, inherently safe hand-held device that is used to save the blast hole location in the detonator. It can be used to test an individual detonator, part of the pattern or the entire circuit before leaving the bench.

Blast Scalability. Each Blaster can fire up to 300 detonators. For larger synchronised blasts (firing up to 600 detonators), an additional Blaster may be linked.

Rugged Reliability. The over-extruded detonator downline and robust connector ensures reliable communication between the DigiShot® electronic detonator, Bench Blaster and CE4 Tagger.

Better control of vibration. The accuracy and precise timing capabilities of the system result in a significant reduction in vibration levels during the blasting process, making the programmable DigiShot® electronic initiation system suitable for application in environmentally sensitive areas.

Easy-to-use software minimizes training time. A simple, menu-driven software interface coupled with the ability to connect detonators in any order makes for a user friendly system that minimizes training.

Automatic or fully programmable delay timing. Choose auto-timing to set the delays for a blast design with consistent inter-row and inter-hole timing, or manual timing to accommodate any delay scheme.

Security. The DigiShot® Blaster is password protected, requires a specific SmartKey and uses a coded signal to fire the blast.

Single Blasting Device. DigiShot® detonators connect directly to the blasting equipment without the need for intermediary equipment. Each Bench Blaster has a capacity for 300 detonators, allowing for simple deployment.

Remote Firing. The system offers a maximum remote firing capability of up to 1000 m – line of sight.


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