Portable BCU is a scalable and reliable electronic initiating system for use in applications where remote firing is required to initiate medium to large sized blasts. The Portable BCU electronic initiation system is an innovative advance in technology and safety, enabling users to achieve the accurate timing benefits of electronic initiation systems with robust all-weather wire leads and reliable blasting equipment.

System components

Bench Box

  • Blasting box connected to lead–in harness wire and placed at a safe distance in close proximity to the bench
  • Receives firing command from Base Station
  • Six channels, each accommodates 300 detonators
  • Can be used in standalone mode to fire up to 1800 detonators

Base Station

  • Placed at point of safety and remotely controls the synchronised firing of Bench Boxes
  • Easy-to-follow screen menus lead the blaster through all delay and firing options
  • Unit requires password to activate the blast
  • One Base Station can control 4 Bench Boxes for a 7200 detonator blast

** Bench Box and Base Station are interchangeable

Features and benefits

  • The CE4 Tagger is a light-weight, inherently safe, hand-held device that is used to select and store the blast hole location in the detonator. The CE4 Tagger may be used to test an individual detonator, part of the pattern or the entire circuit before leaving the bench.
  • The over-extruded detonator downline and robust connector ensures reliable communication between the Portable BCU electronic detonator, Bench Box and CE4 Tagger.
  • The accuracy and precise timing capabilities of the system result in a significant reduction in vibration levels during the blasting process, making the programmable Portable BCU electronic initiation system suitable for application in environmentally sensitive areas.The over-extruded detonator downline and robust connector ensures reliable communication between the DigiShot® electronic detonator, Bench Blaster and CE4 Tagger.
  • A simple, menu-driven software interface, coupled with the ability to connect detonators in any order, makes for a user-friendly system that minimises training.
  • The system is password protected and requires a SmartKey, embedded with a coded signal, to fire the blast.
  • The Portable BCU electronic initiation system is capable of initiating up to 1800 detonators per blast in stand-alone mode and 7200 detonators in synchronised mode, with support for up to 15 detonators per hole.
  • The detonators connect directly to the blasting equipment without the need for intermediary equipment. The Bench Box includes 6 channels, each with the capacity for 300 detonators, allowing for simple deployment.
  • The system offers a maximum remote firing capability of up to 3000 m line of sight (6000 m with an optional Repeater).
  • Delay assignment is executed from the Bench Box either automatically via ViewShot® (timing design software), or manually by selecting times for each individual detonator at the Bench Box. The timing design may be adjusted at any stage after this, right up to the point of blasting. If the user requires adjustments there is no need to revisit the detonator to achieve this.
  • Supported in the 900 MHz frequency band, the system may also be set-up to operate in the 2.4 GHz band.