The DigiShot Ranger has been completely redesigned for the open cut, quarry, civils, and construction industry. It has been vastly improved from its DigiShot 300 predecessor, providing twice the detonator capacity, updated weatherproof enclosure with a built-in antenna for longer range RF up to 3km which makes it more robust for quick and easy deployment.

System components

Base & Bench Ranger

  • This is a multi-purpose device used as a Bench Ranger and a Base Ranger. It controls the entire blast. The Ranger limits user interface through automatic detonator detection, testing and fast programming.
  • Wirelessly controlled by the CE4 Tagger or tablet* (optional) The Ranger has two channels that can connect up to 300 detonators each, giving a total capacity of 600 detonators per Ranger. By verifying the voltage, it can blast through high levels of leakage.
  • The Ranger boasts a unique and robust design, with a built-in long-range antenna that can handle the harshest mining conditions.
  • The blast is initiated with encoded wireless NFC (Near Field Communication) Blast Cards.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and simple tag by plan deployment method.
  • Minimal training, similar tagging and blasting method.
  • Automatic check to ensure the correct number of detonators per channel.
  • Detonator energy monitoring right up to the point of blasting.
  • Autonomous detection and testing of detonators.
  • Programming speed is 6 times faster.
  • Blaster wirelessly controlled through the multi-purpose CE4 Tagger.
  • Two channels – 300 detonators per channel. Total 600 detonators per Ranger.