The new CE4 Commander System from DetNet is a superior advanced blasting system and is easy to use, ensuring the best blast, on time, every time.

System components

This is a multi-purpose device that is used as a Bench Commander, Repeater and Base Commander, and it controls the entire blast.

  • Limits user interface through: automatic detonator detection, testing and fast programming.
  • Wirelessly controlled by the CE4 Tagger or tablet.
  • Up to 10 Commanders can be deployed for a single blast using long distance RF communication from a blasting point.
  • It has four channels that can connect up to 400 detonators, giving a total capacity of 1600 detonators per Commander.
  • By verifying the voltage, it can blast through high levels of leakage.
  • Boasts a unique and robust design, with a built-in long-range antenna, that can handle the harshest mining conditions.
  • The blast is initiated with contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) BlastCards.


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Unique Features

  • Fast and simple “tag by plan” deployment method.
  • Automatic check to ensure the correct number of detonators per channel.
  • Autonomous detection and testing of detonators.
  • Programming speed is 7 times faster than existing systems.
  • Detonator energy monitoring right up to the point of blasting.
  • Blaster wirelessly controlled through the multi-purpose CE4 Tagger.
  • On-bench fault detection simplified with the GPS location of the detonator hole position in the CE4 Tagger.