The BlastWeb® .4G system consists of Hardware Control Equipment modules (BCUs) installed at suitable underground sites, linked together through available communication networks to facilitate communication between the surface PC (Surface Blast Controller) and BCUs (Blast Control Units) underground.

System components

The Red Smartkey contains the required blast command and coded signal, which enables users to use BCUs in a standalone mode.

Initiators and detonators

The Blastweb® system supports the following products:


DetNet offers our channel partners their own branded range of starters.


  • Starters form part of the 3rd Generation Electronic Detonators Blasting System, and is designed solely to initiate Shocktube or Nonel
  • With its specialised connector, Starters enables the initiation of multiple panels and reak time confirmation of a successful blast communicated via a computer network.
  • The starters requires a specific coded signal to fire.
  • It offers over-voltage protection and is safe to handle.

Features and benefits

  • Reduces production blast times. Up to 24 BCUs can be fired in a single setting and up to 28 000 detonators can be initiated.
  • Safety and Security. A unique password and specific SmartKey is required for blast initiation.
  • Compatible with multiple communication backbones. WiFi, Ethernet, Copper, Fiber, Leaky Feeder.
  • Easy to use. It has the ability to remotely upload new firmware without disrupting operations.