The BlastWeb II electronic initiation system is an upgrade of the industry leading, BlastWeb .4G system that was specifically developed for blasting in underground environments. Designed with a simple to use application and limited user interaction, BlastWeb II provides the best solution for any underground blasting application.

System components

The SBC allows centralized blasting to take place from the control room and is password protected. All events are displayed and stored in a real time basis and the SBC supplies warnings of all faults or errors on the system. This enables users to perform fault diagnostics and resolve all problems prior to blasting time. Blast instructions are sent to all selected BCU’s when prompted by the blaster. A blast report can be generated that contains an events history for reporting purposes

Initiators and detonators

The Blastweb® system supports the following products:

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Features and benefits

    Minimal components to simplify use.
    Firmware can be uploaded remotely from surface without disrupting operations.
    The web type interface allows information to be easily accessible to view real time events.
    The self-diagnostic system provides real-time data and blast reports to assist and drive decision making
    64 BCU’s per SBC with 6 X 400 detonator channels per BCU.
    A total of 153 600 dets can be initiated per blasting event.
    The SBC is installed with a dedicated PC application that drives centralised blasting.
    The blasting process is password protected and can only be executed from the SBC once the underground working areas have been cleared.
    The SBC has an improved user interface where the user can customise views to suite grouping of BCU to levels, working areas or even blasting crews.
    The SBC offers active diagnostic reporting, visible alerts and notifications of faults preventing lost blasts.
    Safe selective blasting is ensured from a central point on surface using the yellow NFC blast card for centralised or blasting from a safe location.
    The CE4 Tagger is an inherently safe device used for tagging, testing and troubleshooting.
    A specific blast card with unique password is required for blast initiation.
    All blasting processes requires the use of a NFC blast card at the Blast Control Unit (BCU) underground.
    Blasting using the red NFC card in standalone mode or the orange NFC card for timed blast will require a password at the BCU.