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    About Us

    Leaders in mining and blast enhancing technologies.

Who we are

Innovation is core to DetNet’s business. The fundamental driving force behind DetNet’s creativity is to conceptualise new and innovative approaches to turn ground-breaking ideas into very real mining and blast enhancing technologies. With more than 15 years’ experience, DetNet has changed the face of electronic initiation as we set the standard through uncompromised safety and quality engineering.

Our history

  1. 2002

    DetNet Solutions was founded.

  2. 2003

    3G detonator commenced manufacture in RSA.

  3. 2004

    50/50 Joint venture created with AECI and Incitec Pivot.

  4. 2005

    16 Millionth Electrodet Detonator is sold.

  5. 2006

    CE mark Approval of product for sale in Europe.

  6. 2007

    First SmartShot blast in Australia.

  7. 2007

    DigiShot introduced to Africa and USA.

  8. 2008

    Commission of Simsbury manufacturing facility.

  9. 2009

    First DigiShot Plus blast in the USA.

  10. 2010

    ViewShot introduced to the global market.

  11. 2010

    New BlastWeb underground surface controller network added to the BCU system.

  12. 2011

    Commence with 4G and CE4 control equipment development.

  13. 2012

    First GeoShot blast in the USA.

  14. 2014

    Launch of The CE4 Tagger.

  15. 2016

    Launch of CE4 Commander System.

Our global footprint


DetNet sets the global benchmark for the control of explosive power by leading collaborative efforts in realising electronic initiation systems.


DetNet will continue to lead the realisation of electronic initiation systems by extending its creative ability in functional design through collaboration with selected partners.

Our Values

Creativity: In this dynamic, technologically driven world, we are never complacent in pursuit of the next best thing.

Collaboration: We recognise that real innovation benefits from diversity and this requires collaboration all along the value chain.

Courage: Innovation requires us to work outside our comfort zone.

Care: Our responsibility to stakeholders recognises that we work with explosive power which means that we will never compromise on the safety of people and the protection of their environment.

Excellence: Our honesty and integrity encompasses human relations and extends to our products: they will be where they are needed, when they are needed and they will work.

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