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    With 20 years’ experience, DetNet has changed the face of electronic initiation.


The future of mining is electronic initiation

DetNet strives towards excellence in electronic initiation. As a world leader in our field, we aim to deliver world class safety, the latest technology and consistent quality resulting in improved loading and fragmentation, all to ensure mining becomes more sustainable today and into the future.
We bring innovative and advanced electronic initiation systems, blast design software and electronic detonators to mining operations from all over the world.

Ensuring the best blast, on time, every time.

Innovation is a click away

We turn ground-breaking ideas into very real
mining and blast enhancing technologies.

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“Utilizing the DigiShot Plus.4G system makes us more efficient during the blasting process.”

“I’m always impressed how fast the process is, from tagging to blasting”

“The flexibility of the DigiShot Plus.4G Allows us to balst on any blast pattern.”

“What really excites me about tagging with the plan mode, is that you can start anywhere on the pattern and go in any direction!”

“The safety features of the DigiShot Plus.4G System gives me mas a manager comfort, especially in end of line testing. Ensuring that every detonator gets sufficient voltage. The system makes us more efficient in the tagging process.”

“The DGPS tagger utilizes GPS coordinates and recognizes the physical coordinates. It gives peace of mind to the blaster and Management that human error is virtually taken out of the equation. From a safety aspect this is astronomical.”